Unleash your greatest superpower – positive thinking.

Welcome to SkyAffirm, a  growing community of users, utilizing their greatest superpower every day – the power to choose one positive thought over another. SkyAffirm gives you space to be more mindful, present and positive as you grow towards your best-self and take control of your thinking.
Utilizing the power of affirmations, meditations, goal setting, visualization and music, SkyAffirm is a resource to help you become your best-self. SkyAffirm is designed for your current state of being. Affirmations are presented in three different categories, Mind, Body and Spirit to reflect each of the elements that make up our best-self. You can customize the Mind, Body and Spirit Levels for your current state of being to ensure the affirmations presented are best for you.
 SkyAffirm creates a unique space for you to explore positivity and mindfulness as you set goals towards your best-self. 
Your greatest superpower is your ability to select one thought over another. Actively selecting positive thoughts creates a greater sense of well-being, calm and control.  Many of us have never taken control of our greatest superpower – our ability to choose our own thoughts – SkyAffirm is meant to assist you in becoming more mindful of your thoughts by helping you identify negative thoughts and replacing them with positive thoughts. If you haven’t already done so, embrace your greatest superpower immediately, and begin taking control of your mind. 
SkyAffirm allows you to create your own space using 12 music tracks, 33 unique Mind, Body, Spirit levels, 5 guided meditations, over 2,000 individualized affirmations and an endless variety of visualizations.
SkyAffirm was created to help those looking to become their best-self by assisting in the maintenance of a positive and present mindset.
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Download today to begin exploring, learning and using your greatest superpower! 
Subscription: SkyAffirm offers a lifetime subscription of just $4.99 until July 31, 2020. Or unlock all the features in the app for your session by watching an ad. Non-subscribed users have access to all sky backgrounds, all affirmations, auto mode and some visualizations. 
Download SkyAffirm

Utilize SkyAffirm to create your own space towards your best-self.

This app performs best with the user wearing headphones (optional), in a comfortable relaxing environment but can be used anywhere anytime. Every user experience is unique and one-of-a-kind with endless combinations of visuals, music, affirmations and more. 

Download today to begin exploring, learning, and using your greatest superpower!

2,000+ Categorized Affirmations: 

  • Affirmations presented based on your current Mind, Body and Spirit levels.
  • Affirmations created to assist the maintenance of a positive and present state of mind.
  • Affirmations can be set to appear automatically with user defined time-delay.
  • A vision board can be created that displays users goals and favorite affirmations.

5 Meditations include:

  • Why Affirmations
  • Morning Meditation
  • Evening Meditation
  • Take Control of Anxiety Meditation
  • Forgiveness Meditation

Visualization Features include:

  • 4k resolution skies for morning, day, night, sunset and sunrise
  • Bubbles, Feathers, Money, Hearts, 2 different star additions, 5 light beam settings
  • 3 different affirmation views
  • Auroras, Butterflies (rare!)

Other Features Include:

  • Set music tracks to Normal, Repeat, Random mode.
  • Volume adjustment settings for Music, Meditations and Sound Effects
  • Auto-Mode for affirmations including setting your own Auto-Mode timer
  • Multiple view options 

12 Professional music tracks include:

  • Behind Closed Eyes – North Sphere
  • What We Need – Water Mirrors 
  • In a Minute – True Messenger
  • Morning Haze – Andreas Boldt
  • Fine Revelation – Walt Adams
  • The Eternal – Reynard Seidel
  • Still Standing – Alek Bluntz
  • The First Law of Motion – Johannes Borniof
  • Galactic Bath – P5
  • Aura Cleanse Meditation – 432Hz Meditation
  • Pure Peace Meditation 432Hz Binaural Beat Theta
  • Rainforest Deep Meditation 432Hz

Coming Soon from SkyAffirm

  • SkyAffirm – Latin (Spanish, Portuguese)

  • SkyAffirm – Europe (French, German, Italian)

  • SkyAffirm – Asia (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

  • SkyAffirm – Mind Only

  • SkyAffirm – Body Only

  • SkyAffirm – Spirit Only

  • SkyAffirm – Education

  • SkyAffirm – Recovery

  • SkyAffirm – Wealth

  • SkyAffirm – VR